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Roulette Inside bets You May Not Know

The chances of winning an inside bet are relatively slim, so this option offers the highest payouts.

Inside bets are made on single numbers or on combinations of up to 6 numbers. Each of these combinations has its own payout rate and probability.

In a so-called street bet, the player bets on a row consisting of three numbers. You simply bet by placing the chip to the left or right of the column. The payout is 11 to one.

Pros: A bet on three numbers increases the chance of winning.

Cons: If you place your bet on the outline, other players may accidentally push their chips away from the outline. So be aware of this and actively pay attention to it during the game. It is best to wait until the other players have made their bets and then take action.

Also called “CarrĂ©” is the possibility to bet on four numbers at the same time. This is based on four numbers, which are arranged next to each other on the table in a square. The payout is seven to one.

Pros: Very simple bet. Lean periods are reduced.

Cons: Again, the big problem is that someone knocks your chips off the table because many players want to bet one of these numbers directly.

This bet is only found in the American variant with the double zero field. In this variant, you bet on the following numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Avoid this bet as it has the highest house edge with 7.89% and is therefore an absolute waste of money!

As the name suggests, it is a bet on six numbers. To do this, simply place the chip on the outline and in the middle of two rows. The payout is five to one.

Pros: The chance of winning increases because a single bet covers six numbers. Long dry spells are also minimized.

Cons: Some players who bet on six numbers tend to want to cover more numbers with inside bets. This tends to make you lose more than you win.

[Please note: Some players tend to cover additional numbers with inside bets. However, you do not do this by placing bets on single numbers, but by using two or more of the above bets. You won’t see this often, but it’s something you should be aware of as these bets can move fairly quickly. So always pay attention to what happens to your own missions.]

In addition to the inside bets, which promise high payouts, there are also the so-called outside bets. Outside bets tend to have better odds, so payouts are smaller accordingly. However, you are still a wise choice if you want to increase your chances of winning. Some offer almost a 50:50 chance of winning. Statistically speaking, the American variant would have 18 gains and 19 losses, while the European variant would have 18 profits and 19 losses. With other bets, up to 24 numbers can be covered with one bet.

THE DOZENS BETS (dozen bet)
If you take a look at the roulette layout (game area), you will notice that the numbers from one to twelve; 13 to 24 and 25 to 36 go and each form a kind of “box”. These boxes are called the first dozen, the second dozen and the third dozen. Under each of these dozen is a betting area for the player in which he can place his bets. The payout is two to one. The zero or rather the zero does not count among the dozen.

Pros: If you bet on a dozen, you usually not only reduce the fluctuation, but also the long-term losses that you have with inside bets. If you bet on two of the three dozen, you cover 24 out of 37 or 38 numbers.

Cons: Wagering on so many numbers may seem like a great way to win a lot of money at first, but remember, the more you bet, the more money the house makes. You will win more often on this bet, of course, but you will also lose more money over time.

There is another variant of the Dozen Bets, which is not divided into “boxes”, but in vertical columns. The so-called column bets go from one to 34; two to 35 and three to 36. The numbers are not sorted in numerical order. The stake is at the bottom of the column and the payout is two to one. The zero or rather the zeros do not count towards column bets.

The pros and cons for the column bets are the same as for the dozen bets.

HIGH OR LOW BETS (high or low)
High or low bets are easily explained. There is an option to bet on high, which means betting on the numbers from 19 to 36. Accordingly, a bet on low will cover the numbers from one to 18. The payout is one to one.

Pros: In American Roulette you have 18 chances to win and lose 20, while in European Roulette there are 18 chances to win and 19 opportunities to lose. The chance of a losing streak is therefore relatively low.

Cons: The house edge does not change as there are many possible winners. Only the pattern of profits and losses changes.

RED OR BLACK BETS (red or black)
With the exception of the green zero, the remaining fields in roulette are either black or red. You can bet on one of the two colors. The payout is one to one.

The pros and cons are the same as for high and low bets.

Roulette numbers
ODD OR EVEN BETS (Even or Odd)
With the exception of the green zero (s), roulette numbers are either odd or even. You can bet on both outputs. The payment is made one to one.

[Please note: In roulette, your initial bet is not part of the payout, as is the case with slots, for example. If you get ten coins on a line in a slot, then one or more coins are the actual bet. If you win at roulette, you keep the original bet and receive the full amount of the win. So a ten to one win is actually ten coins plus the original bet.]

There are some casinos that give you the opportunity to halve the house edge in roulette. Instead of the 5.26% percent for the American variant, this is only 2.7%, while for the European variant, the house edge is reduced from 2.63% to 1.35%.

If you play with these roulette rules , you will only lose half of your bet if 0 or 00, high / low, red / black or odd / even comes up. This reduces the house edge on the double zero wheels to 2.63% and on the single zero wheels to 1.35%.

A house edge of 1.35% is one of the lowest in a casino.

En Prison (in prison) is a special rule that also reduces the house edge. This variant is usually found in roulette with only one zero field. The rule itself is relatively easy to explain. If the ball lands on zero, the stakes are blocked until the next spin. You will then either win or lose that spin accordingly.

[Please note: You can make the same bets on these outside bets with Surrender or En Prison and your expected loss will be halved. Or you double your bet so that if you run hot you will make more profit. If you would ask me for my opinion, I would recommend the first option.]

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